An ocean creature is any kind of creature that lives in an assemblage of saltwater (like an ocean or sea), so starfish and krill are the same amount of ocean creatures as a whale is. All ocean or sea abiding creatures can be additionally grouped dependent on how they move and where they reside.


Sharks are one of the huge ocean creature. There are a few sort of shark. they can swim quick.Sharks have sharps teeth and huge jaws.Sharks can swim quick. Sharks have sharp teeth and large jaws.Sharks likewise have a better than average of smell.a few sharks can reach more than 20 meters long.they eat fish and ocean lions and seals.


Crabs are pretty animals.Crab have a hard shell, eight legs and two pliers.Crabs eat plants and creatures.Crabs cooperate to get food and secure their familiesCrabs live in all seas.a few crabs additionally live in new water or ashore.


Whales are huge creatures. They inhale air and produce milk for their young.They live in seas and oceans.Whales make sounds to converse with one another.


Dolphins are cordial and perky creatures.Dolphins don't drink water like individuals.Dolphins get all the new water from the fish Dolphins eat! Dolphins inhaled air.Dolphins feed on fish, squid and shrimps water.Dolphins live both in shallow water near shore and fat out in profound dull water.


Octopuses are ocean creatures.Octopuses live in the seas.Octopuses have three hearts and long arms.Octopuses eat crabs and shellfish.Octopuses chase for the most part around evening time.they can change their shadings and ensure themselves.


Jellyfish live new water.Jellyfish look similar to umbrellas.Some can be exceptionally difficult to see jellyfish utilize their arms to sting.they don't have minds. they digest their food rapidly.


Lobster have dainty bodies shrouded in a hard shell. Lobster feed on worms, dead fish and on different lobsters.Lobster can't see well indeed. Lobster utilize their receiving wires to feel where they are.They tuck away among rocks on the sea floor during the day. Around evening time Lobster slither about for fish, crabs and mollusks.


Seals is one of the procedures who live in chilly climate.the skin in normally brown, dark or dark. Rather than legs, they have two sets of flippers.flippers assist seals with swimming. seals eat generally fish. some likewise eat squid and shellfish.