The Electrical Engineer is answerable for giving electrical plan support. The Electrical Engineer will work

under the bearing of the National Solar Director or Engineering Manager.

Electrical Engineering:

  • Meet with architects, clients, and others to examine existing or potential designing activities and items.
  • Design, execute, and work on electrical offices and frameworks for business, modern, and utility purposes.
  • Operate PC helped designing and plan programming and gear to perform designing assignments.
  • Direct and arrange development, establishment, upkeep, backing, documentation, and testing exercises to guarantee consistence with details, codes, and client necessities.
  • Perform definite computations to process and build up development and establishment norms and details.
  • Plan and execute techniques and systems to apply standards of electrical hypothesis to designing projects.
  • Prepare details for acquisition of materials and gear or potentially the sales of work.
  • Supervise and train project colleagues as vital.
  • Oversee project development endeavors to guarantee projects are finished agreeably, on schedule and inside spending plan.
  • Prepare and study specialized drawings, particulars of electrical frameworks, and geological guides to guarantee that establishment and activities adjust to norms and client prerequisites.
  • Investigate client grumblings, decide nature and degree of issue, and suggest medicinal measures.
  • Plan design of electric force creating foundation, appropriation lines, transmission lines and substations.
  • Assist in creating capital task programs for new gear and significant fixes.
  • Develop financial plans, gauge work, material, and development costs.
  • Compile information and compose reports in regards to existing and potential designing investigations and tasks.
  • Conduct field overviews and study maps, charts, graphs, and different information to distinguish and address power framework issues.
  • Maintain an undeniable degree of uprightness and discipline with a solid hard working attitude.
  • Stock existing gear and assess the condition and activity of existing structure frameworks.

  • Check existing drawings and overview existing site conditions to decide the most ideal areas for

    new gear.

    • Identify pain points that will influence plan of new frameworks.

    • Review shop drawings.

    • Update development records and foster last as-builts.

    • Perform fundamental quotes.