The line cook is answerable for the everyday activity and food groundwork for the eatery and other food and refreshment outlets as allocated by the Head Chef. The line cook will be answerable for planning things on all menus what's more, guaranteeing protected and quality food things with magnificent help to visitors.

Restaurant Cook:

Readies an assortment of meats, fish, poultry, vegetables and other food things for cooking in grills, stoves, barbecues, fryers and an assortment of other kitchen hardware.Accepts 100% accountability for nature of items served.Knows and agrees reliably with our standard part estimates, cooking techniques, quality guidelines and kitchen rules, arrangements and methods.Stocks and keeps up with adequate degrees of food items at line stations to guarantee a smooth help period.Bits food items before cooking as indicated by standard part measures furthermore, formula determinations.Keeps a spotless and clean work station region including tables, racks,barbecues, grills, fryers, cake cookers, sauté burners, convection broiler, level top reach and refrigeration hardware.Plans thing for searing, barbecuing, fricasseeing, sautéing or other cooking strategiesby dividing, battering, breading, preparing and additionally marinating.Follows legitimate plate show and enhancement set up for all dishes.Handles, stores and turns all items appropriately. Aids food prep tasks during off-top periods depending on the situation.Shuts the kitchen appropriately and follows the end agenda for kitchen stations.Helps others in shutting the kitchen.Goes to all booked worker gatherings and brings ideas for improvement.Performs other related obligations as appointed by the Kitchen Manager or on the job.Guarantee that all opening and closing obligations are performed completely consistently furthermore, that neatness and upkeep are kept up with Stock station with important things, guarantee standard levels are kept up with, and keep stations spotless and coordinated Prepare and present all suppers as per normalized plans and plating methodology. Maintain legitimate food handling and disinfection principles in all planning Report straightforwardly to the Head Chef.