Legal Assistant should work like a Legal Administrative assistant for the support of legal team of company. Legal Administrative Assistant should have a knowledge of laws.

What Does A Legal Administrative Assistant Do?

A Legal Administrative Assistant Should be having;

  • Responsibilities like conduct research on relevant laws.
  • Responsibilities like conduct research on regulations.
  • Responsibilities like conduct research on legal articles.
  • Responsibilities like gather and arrange information for review.
  • Responsibilities like arrange legal documents for case preparation.
  • Responsibilities like drafts correspondence and legal documents.
  • Responsibilities like provide assistance to senior officials in all court cases and litigation related to telecom, civil and corporate law by or against the organization and suggest further course.
  • Responsibilities like represent organization before judicial and qusai-judicial forums as to safeguard interests of the organization and keep senior officials apprised of progress.
  • Responsibilities like monitor, follow up and keep track on cases filed by or against the organization in order to avoid legal complications.
  • Responsibilities like drafts and review contract/agreements and amendments thereof, pleadings, legal opinions and other legal documents.
  • Responsibilities like deal and liaise with government departments/regulatory bodies related on legal issues and ensure compliance thereof.
  • Responsibilities like keeping abreast of any new enactments and any amendments in telecom laws, rules and regulations etc.
  • Responsibilities Represent the management in all cases in the court.
  • Responsibilities keep close liaison with workers and suggest ways and means for the welfare of the disgruntled workers and devise ways to safeguard workers and devise ways to safeguard organizations interest.
  • Responsibilities liaise with all the departments and management connected with labor affairs.
  • Responsibilities report important matters to senior managers legal in head legal.
  • Responsibilities send monthly report of legal cases with briefing to senior manager legal.
  • Responsibilities coordinate and liaise with civil management and various govt department.
  • Responsibilities supervision and processing of corporate and secretarial services.
  • Responsibilities formation of companies and all other legal form of entities.
  • Responsibilities filing of agreements, trust deeds and any other documents related to corporate compliance.
  • Responsibilities preparing and filing of minutes of stator services.
  • Responsibilities ensuring compliance with respect of all laws relating to corporate entities.
  • Responsibilities dealing with any other matter related to assigned services.
  • Skills like should prepare legal documents for the legal team as required.
  • Skills like legal research.
  • Skills like should collect information of complaints if client having.
  • Skills like should maintain a data of meeting held between client and the company in relation to if client having a any complaint.

It could be sound complicated and difficult to do, but still being a Legal Administrative Assistant and working for a goverment office is good.

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