You can find the answers of "how should a Human Resource Administrative Assistant be?"

Because, there are lots of responsibilities waiting for him/her.

If you have decided to apply a job with the title of "human resource administrative assistant", you must have most of those skills and resposibilities listed below;

A Human Resource Administrative Assistant

Should Have skills and responsibilities of;

  • Ensuring the organizations HR policies are developed.
  • Updated, and reviewed according to our specific needs and following developments in employment and best practice.
  • Planning and implementing the recruitment process for all vacancies, using agreed processes.
  • Assisting in the selection process (shortlisting and interviews arrangements)
  • Updating records of employees and job roles with essential contract details and key information.
  • Employee Files Management.
  • Managing the automatic attendance system & leave management system.
  • Supporting CEO for all secretarial works including ticketing, travel arrangements, minutes of the meeting, etc.
  • Managing ticketing of CEO, Executives, and staff.
  • Coordinating all depart wise
  • Information that needs to circulate with the management or concern.
  • Repairing and maintenance of all office vehicles.
  • Insurance of all office vehicles their valuation, depreciation chart, etc.
  • Coordination with banks / insurance companies for leased vehicles valuation, service, accident / repair maintenance due, or any other related work | Fleet Management.
  • Protocol / Security Management. Human Resource Administrative Assistant should be having responsibilities Guest Relationship Responsible for taking customers to sites.
  • General Work Data Entry operation,
  • Filing Management, Administrative Nature, etc.
  • Other tasks assigned by the management
  • Building maintenance.
  • Supervision of security staff.
  • Completing supervision of an organization.
  • Company intelligence supervision.
  • Maintain company protocol.
  • The general computer system can be operated.
  • Ultimately, you will make strategic decisions for our company so that we hire.
  • Developing and retaining qualified employees.
  • Opening and closing of the office.
  • Maintenance and timely provision of stationary record.
  • Purchase of stationery, tea material and other miscellaneous items.
  • Supervision of office boys and other janitorial staff.
  • Manage the repair and maintenance of the office equipment and assets
  • Compile, purchase and maintain monthly requisition
  • Miscellaneous outdoor assignments Manage schedule and deadlines.
  • Prepare job descriptions, post ads
  • Various channels to search pool of candidates.
  • Assisting with the recruitment process by identifying candidates and issuing employment contracts.
  • Able to manage Payroll of the organization
  • Ensuring background and reference checks are completed.
  • Maintaining digital and electronic records of employees.
  • Performing orientations and update records of new staff.
  • Serving as point of contact with benefit vendors and administrators.
  • Ensure that Human Resource files and records are maintained in accordance with legal requirements and company policies and procedures.
  • Replies to queries internally and externally on hiring.
  • Coordinating training sessions and seminars.
  • Produce and submit reports on general HR activities.
  • Oversee the completion of compensation and benefit documentation.


Please admit that, if you have those skills and ready to take all those responsibility of being a human resources administrative assistant.

If your answer is a "yes" don't think twice to apply...