A Director of Finance should be having specific responsibilities to do important role in developing school-level strategy.

Responsibilities And Charges of Director of Finance

Let's see what are the responsibilities of a director of finance;

  • Making action plans for growth and sustainability.
  • To attend board meetings.
  • To build & present annual budget.
  • To prepare annual financial statements for the board.
  • To be a participiant in discussions on the schools operational.
  • To administrative functions during central management meetings
  • To ensure implementation of central board decisions
  • To Establish and supervise accounting & reporting function for recording.
  • To Establish and supervise documenting business.
  • To do financial transactions and develop processes for preparation.
  • To do dissemination of accurate.
  • To prepare timely financial information and statements.
  • To Create and maintain a system of inside controls to ensure that the department financial resources are completely accounted for, recorded in accordance with the schools objects and approved policies of the board.
  • To manage schools surplus funds and invest in the permitted schemes and avenues in accordance with the risk appetite of the board.
  • To track schools working capital position with reference to fee collection and current liabilities management.
  • To liaise with the heads of admin departments to make on given time and complete data available to the outside auditors for the purposes of outsidel audit and ensure issuance of audit report.
  • To monitor, evaluate and assure effective every day functioning of finance & accounting.
  • To be in touch with the material & stores and human resource departments.
  • To provide guidance and support to their Managers and the In charges.
  • To prepare monthly financial statements, cashflow forecasts and Dashboard of monthly Management Information System (MIS).
  • To Sound technical knowledge of accounting and human resource domains.
  • To be Strong numerical and IT skills including exposure to working in an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) environment.
  • To have Attention to details with a keen eye for numbers.
  • To have Excellent analytical skills with the ability to decipher large amount of data and see the big picture.
  • To have Capacity to think at both operational and strategic levels. Experience of leading and managing large teams
  • To have Word processing skills in Microsoft Office 2016 (Excel, PowerPoint, Word), Google Drive, Productivity Tracking Software.
  • To have Proficiency in written and verbal communication.

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